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Re: double-boot with grub: hibernation / suspend to disk

On Sat, Nov 09, 2002 at 01:45:57AM +0100, mw wrote:
> Hello,
> I just bought a Dell Inspiron 5000 and want to install  Win2000 and 
> Debian-Woody, with GRUB as boot-loader.
> I've got no experience with laptops, grub, and also MS, though.
> But I am optimistic, thinking unix :-)


> Roughly I scheme out to partition from the Woody-Installation-CD's with 
> cfdisk - it's the only tool i know.  Then go on installing W2, then grub and 
> Woody. And I would be pleased to have  a real Hibernation-Mode working at 
> least under MS.
If it won't work under MS it probably won't work under Linux either -
software suspend patches are available for us, but not built into
mainstream kernels.

> By now, i only know that 'phdisk.exe' creates a hibernation-partition to the 
> amount of ( RAM + Video-Ram + ~14 ) Megabytes.  But where ? 
> Possibly at 'the end' of all partitions as the last one ?
> So, can I run 'phdisk' after all installations are finished, if I leave 
> enough free space at the HD's end ?

It uses one main-level partition entry (e.g. hda4)  and enough space for
   - your machine's main memory (RAM)
   - video memory (VRAM)
   - some overhead (maybe 2 MB)

> Or is there a way to build a partition preserved for hibernation by myself  ?

The linux utility for making one is called lphdisk, and is avaialble as
a debian package.

	apt-get install lphdisk

Read the docs, use it to make a hibernation partition... then
hibernation should work in both OS' handily.

Let us know if you need more help after that

> With kind regards
> Michl.

All the best

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...
                * Starshine Technical Services -*- 800 938 4078

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