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Re: How to manager different network environments?

OoO Pendant le repas du lundi 04 novembre 2002, vers 19:56, Andrew
McMillan <andrew@catalyst.net.nz> disait:

> I want to add some sort of cable detection daemon though, and trigger on
> that, or get one of the existing ones to provide a it more of an
> interface that whereami can use.

The problem with this approach is that some network interfaces do not
do the detection of the link if they are asleep. And if they are down,
they are asleep. It is the case on my iBook. I have circumvent the
difficulty in whereami: I "up" the interface, wait a bit and test the
link. But I think that doing this every 5 seconds may draw the

Grab ethtool and test it on an interface which has been down for 15
seconds to test.
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