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Re: How to manager different network environments?

I'm using ifplugd to detect cable insertion, it works perfectly. Since I
mostly use the laptop in a single network I do not know how it
integrates with programs like whereami.


* Andrew McMillan <andrew@catalyst.net.nz> [021104 23:18]:
> On Tue, 2002-11-05 at 05:42, Craig Genner wrote:
> > I'm going to be in a similar situation soon where I will be swapping network
> > locations but I will be using an inbuilt network device, not a pcmcia card.
> > How would I also get to autodetect when the network cable has been plugged
> > in and then start the network services, and stop the same services when it
> > is unplugged.
> > With pcmcia you just look for the card but it would be harder with a network
> > cable
> Yes.  I plug my cable in before opening the lid, and then whereami runs
> on the apm resume event.
> I want to add some sort of cable detection daemon though, and trigger on
> that, or get one of the existing ones to provide a it more of an
> interface that whereami can use.
> Cheers,
> 					Andrew.

Baruch Even

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