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Eth0 will not work after kernel recompile

I have compiled a new kernel with ACPI support to get my sound working. I was successful in getting my sound working (thank you Max). but now, as with other kernel compiles with diffrent versions, I can not get my network to come back up.

my working kernel is the 2.4.18-bf2.4-xfs

my dmesg from the new kernel looks exactly like the dmesg from my kernel working kernel (except for the ACPI stuff)

is there somthing I have to do to get it working after I boot a new kernel?

I have a realtek 8139 ethernet chip. and I have tried compiling the driver into the kernel, I have tried making it a module. I have tried other kernels that do not include ACPI, and I have tried 2.4.18 source without ACPI.

what am I doing wrong?



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