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Re: CLEVO 2xxxC SIR/IrDA Config

On Thu, 2002-09-26 at 14:00, Paulo Lopes wrote:
> Can someone "teach" me how to configure the IrDA for my laptop? I own a 
> Clevo 2700C and according to the manual the IR port is:

I've just played with this on my 2700C last week (to get my palm to sync
over irda)

Make sure the bios settings for IR are as follows (won't work in other

COM-2 (2F8, IRQ 3, DMA 3)

It should then be usable from /dev/ircomm0 or /dev/ircomm1.

Using irdadump you should see packets going across when you put an
IR-capable device (palm/phone/other laptop) in front of it..

>   - Fast Infrared (FIR) file transfer, IrDA 1.1 or ASKIR (SHARP standard)
> I've compiled my kernel (2.4.18) with IrDA support and build all the FIR 
> modules. The problem is that i can load any, because they all fail...
> I've checked the /dev for the device "ircomm0" and it's there with the 
> major mumber 161, then i tryed "minicom /dev/ircomm0" with a mobile 
> phone (Nokia 7110) with the IR link activated but i can't connect... 
> minicom starts and i try to write "ATZ\r" but the phone doesn't seam to 
> be connected...

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