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Re: Dell Latitude CPxH500

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 09:44:56AM +0200, Alejandro Flores wrote:
> Hi all,
> I got a Dell Latitude CPx500 and i intend to have it with windows98 and
> linux. So far, the partitioning worked and managed to install the debian
> distribution i have on CD's 2.1r13, but the xfree86 does not seem to
> recognise the video ATI-Rage. Therefore i only have text screen. :o(

I've installed debian on several of these laptops. I think I initially
used X 3.3.x, but I have 4.1.0 on my personal system now. I think I use
the ati driver in xserver-common. My system is runnig sid, but I haven't
updated it recently.

One quirk I've seen on several machines is that if you use grub or lilo
to boot windows, APM doesn't report the battery status properly. I
rarely use windows, so it's not an issue for me. Battery status is fine
in linux.

> After downloading the 4.0.1 version of Xfree86, this does not seem to
> come to terms with the debian distribution i have.
> Now, I think it would be reasonable to install the Debian 3.0, but i
> still have not succeeded.

Sounds good.

You can download the mks2d utilities and bios from Dell's web site. A12
bios seems to work well for me and it shuts the fans down when not
needed. Early bios releases never seemed to stop the fans, and the
system was always very loud.

With X 3.3, I could suspend to disk from X, but since switching to 4.x
that hasn't worked. I had a script to "chvt 1" during the suspend that
worked for a while, but that stopped working automatically. Now I switch
to a text console whenever I close the lid. Maybe the latest X works
better, but I haven't updated it recently.

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