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Installing 3.0 (woody eventually) on an ECS A900

I received an ECS A900 this morning (in the UK its sold by Novatech as the
N-Book) and tried to install Debian on it.

First try was to install from the 2.2r3 CD I had (it has a CD drive, but
no floppy).  This hung just after it had detected the lack of floppy.

So I downloaded a BF2.4 ISO, and tried that.  This got further, but the
box has SIS 630 video, and the SIS framebuffer driver obviously did not
like the support chips.  So I overrode the boot line with:-

linux vga=791 video=vesa

and got further.  I got a framebuffer with tux up the top, and it powered
its was through and put out the message:-

Compac CISS driver (version 2.4.5)

and hung.

>From what I can see the next thing it should be doing is looking for 
ethernet hardware.  This box is supposed to have a RealTek chip in it
but as yet I do not know what kind (I will find out shortly).

I also had a copy of SuSE 7.1 lying around, so I tried that, and as
that does not seem to try to access the LAN hardware, it worked a treat.

So at least I will be able to find out what kind of LAN chip I have
and whether the driver loads correctly (and which driver) for my next 
Debian attempt.  I would much rather run Debian than SuSE on this box.

Any thought welcome


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