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Re: suspend to disk on compaq 1200

* Christian Lyra <lyra@pop-pr.rnp.br>, 2002-08-16 08:34 -0400:
> Hi all,
> 	I was wrong... with APM it works, very well indeed.. But with APM I lost 
> some things, like the /proc/acpi. I would try swpsusp but it has been said 
> that it is very buggy, and doesnt like XFS (my filesystem...).
> 	I would suggest that you try again. I only had to compile a kernel with APM 
> support, apt-get install apmd, apt-get install lphdisk, create a suspend 
> partition and it works. 

You mean it suspends automatically? That's what didn't work here. I
could suspend manually though.

> Now it's time to try with ACPI :-)

Does the 1200 support ACPI?


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