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Toughbook CF-25 w/o CD-ROM

I am a novice in Linux & I would appreciate your help. I've  tried to
load Debian 2.2r4 into my Toshiba CF-25. This laptop has no CD-ROM.
Normally I use either my Backpack CD-Rewriter from Microsolutions or
EXP's CD-RW station. Both drives use parallel printer port as an
interface and they work fine on DOS or Win. I've called  EXP support and
they only can tell that their drive is supported by a new Linux kernel. 

I was able to install kernel using INSTALL.BAT from FAT partition, but
nothing else.

The best would be to get these drives to work with Debian, but if this
couldn't be done how to make Win directory visible from Linux so I can
install X and other packages? I do not have much experience with Linux
but any help will be valued greatly.

Thanx Joe

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