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Re: suspend to disk on compaq 1200

> 	No more windows on this machine.... so anyone know how to do suspend
> 	to disk on this machine? I did a new "suspend" partition with
> 	lphdisk, but maybe missing something because I'm not getting suspend
> 	to work right. I tried with a ACPI kernel and with a APM enabled
> 	kernel without success. What's the trick?

Linux ACPI doesn't support suspend yet.
There is some "software suspend" patch for linux, that suspends in a
clever fashion (suspends by swapping all apps into the swap space, then
powering down; upon boot the kernel restores the processes from the swap
space - that is suspend is not handled by the (slow) BIOS)
I havn't tried that patch yet.

With APM on my old notebook i could suspend, ACPI overrode this.
I had created the swap partition with windows by then; don't know if
lphdisk works...

On my new machine i never tried suspend - it has 512 MB RAM, writing
that to disk in BIOS mode will take longer than system shutdown...


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