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Re: Toughbook CF-25 w/o CD-ROM

> I am a novice in Linux & I would appreciate your help. I've  tried to
> load Debian 2.2r4 into my Toshiba CF-25. This laptop has no CD-ROM.
> Normally I use either my Backpack CD-Rewriter from Microsolutions or
> EXP's CD-RW station. Both drives use parallel printer port as an
> interface and they work fine on DOS or Win. I've called  EXP support and
> they only can tell that their drive is supported by a new Linux kernel.

Try loading a module for your CD-RW by modconf.
Or recompile a kernel. This requires some skills however, read Kernel-HOWTO.

> I was able to install kernel using INSTALL.BAT from FAT partition, but
> nothing else.
> The best would be to get these drives to work with Debian, but if this
> couldn't be done how to make Win directory visible from Linux so I can
> install X and other packages? I do not have much experience with Linux
> but any help will be valued greatly.

Just mount your windows partition. Make /mnt/hda1 directory and mount it:

        mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1

Then you'll find your windows partition in /mnt/hda1.

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