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Re: After discussing on LCDs in Debian-laptop, did you get spammed by Sharp Systems as well?

On Wed, 14 Aug 2002, Erich Schubert wrote:

> > I have to say, I am terribly surprise gnu.org and debian.org archive our
> > mail without obfuscation :(
> Obfuscation doesn't help, even if you use some rotating obfuscation.
> Most, if not all of these, can easily be broken by Perl Regexps.
> So any spammer just needs to add a few regexps to his bot and he will
> get all obfuscated addresses as well.
> But obfuscation is very annoying to regular users... they won't add
> these regexps to their mail clients so they can hit "reply", instead
> they'll have to fix you address on each reply. Annyoing.

Never caused me any pain. Occasionally I forget, and get a bounce, but
then fix it immediately. Maybe because I do this sufficiently rarely, that
it does not matter to me....

> Therefore obfuscation is not a solution (neither is it for security ;)
> Better solutions include filters like spamassassin and razor, as well as
> using troll-boxes... (setup mail boxes like aaaa-i-get-it-first@domain
> and hide these addresses on the webpages, and have mail that is sent to
> these boxes added to blacklists)

Blacklists are such a pain in the butt. Remember that some of us pay for
our bandwidth. Some of us come from underfunded universities that pay for
their bandwidth, and would like it as easy for the university to not have
to pay for the scum sucking american spam (our overseas per/MB fee is 6
times higher than our local fee - we pay for both inbound and outbound
connections - US ISP's take none of the charge, which pisses me off, but I

And some of us don't administer our own domains. So we would like to stop
the spammers before the even CONCIDER spamming us.

> The other way is to try to stop this abuse at least by serious
> companies like Sharp Systems, by telling them that they suck.

Unfortunately, as per a recent story on slashdot and friends, most of the
spam in the world comes from less than 100 idiots in America. Not
reputable companies, by any means.

TimC -- http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/staff/tconnors/

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