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Re: Text flooding into login box

> At the very end of my boot into debian, a bunch of
> network/driver/status information is displayed which then floods into
> my login box.
> Anyone know of a way to send this to /dev/null or at least get rid of
> it to make my login look cleaner?

Well, most of these messages are done by the kernel, at that point there
is no way to redirect any output.
But there is a kernel patch (package name kernel-patch-lpp) that
displays a progress bar instead of all this output.
You'll lose your first console though, i think. (so you can only login
graphically or on tty2-ttywhatever)
It's not too easy to setup, too, and i believe it made problems on my
sisters notebook.
(you need graphics mode at bootup, too, but most notebooks work better
that way anyway - VGA often sucks on TFT screens ;)

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