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Hey everyone!

Speaking of which, what's with African countries and their people, how come
they can't import that amount of money from somewhere underground?

Can't they just afford to go to Europe and blow all the money in trips?

It's kind of dumb of them if you think about it (if this is real indeed). In
any case, it's fun to read.

'Oh, help me! My cousin's-neighbour-son-in-law's-sister died of herpes and I
inherited 400M dollars, but I cannot get to the bank!' LOL!

...In Accordance With The Prophecy.

Happy Hacking, Bright Blessings and Gentle Breezes!

-*/ -=  )O(  Jay  )O(  =- /*-

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~Hmmm, how about propagating the word of Linux instead?
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