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On Wed, Aug 14, 2002 at 11:26:34AM -0700, Jay wrote:
> Speaking of which, what's with African countries and their people, how come
> they can't import that amount of money from somewhere underground?
> Can't they just afford to go to Europe and blow all the money in trips?
> It's kind of dumb of them if you think about it (if this is real indeed). In
> any case, it's fun to read.

Of course it's not real; the base of all those scams is to
make gullible people think they really need help to get that
money out of their country (or whatever). Then, you tell
that gullible person you need them to visit to sign papers
in Dakar (or wherever). They're going to get $50Million so
that's fine, right? Then you abduct them and ransom the

Another variant you get them to pay some upfront cost for
whatever reason. Google on "Nigerian scam" for that one.

/Y - What a wonderful world

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