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Re: WPC11 on a Toshiba 2100CDT

El mar, 13-08-2002 a las 20:34, Ben escribió:
> The object: to get my WPC11 Linksys Wireless PCMCIA card to 
> work under linux.  
> So as to shorten this message, consult the Mini-HowTO <>, which 
> is what I used to try to get the card working.  I downloaded the most
> recent kernel (2.4.19) and the pcmcia-cs source and the wlan-ng
> package and recompiled with wireless support (just as the HOWTO
> says).  Now (after running "lilo -v"), 
> [...]
> I think that possibly my debian installation does not accept 
> the kernel (because of incompatable software pkgs??) or that I made a
> mistake in compiling (in all of the 4 times i tried).
> Anyone had either similar problems or success?

It works with kernel-2.4.19 (Debian package) without any patches.
I guess I read the same howto as you, but I made a test before to
try compile it and it worked :-)

Just comments the lines (following the suggesstions of the
file) on /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts

German Poo Caaman~o
«Hay 10 tipos de personas: las que entienden binario y las que no.»

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