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Re: debian and hp-notebook?!

I agree that HP should be offering more linux-laptop support, but thier
main support is on the server end, not ever desktop end.  Even IBM droped
there linux laptop line.  Not alot of people are buying them yet.  But HP
does use debian in house which is a gopod move.  Companies like IBM and HP
are rather large and differnt departments have diffrent goals and
disagree.  I really don't want to be in the position where I'm defending
any corperation, but just thought I'm mention how I was reading this

That said, I have a HP pavilion 1130.  I got most hardware working,
mainily but using a lot of stuff from an an Omni-book user's web page

Haven't gotten the winmodem working (haven't really tried)  and I was
really upset to find out that the Video card doesn't support openGL, only

good luck,


> I have HP Omnibook 510 and HP told me, that they have no plans for
> supporting linux with this notebook. What can I say, HP linux support is
>  marketing bullshit?
> Jarkko

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