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Re: ~~ Radeon7500 working ~~

Hi De|ire,

I've been trying to get DRI working here and there since this e-mail with
not luck.  I'm kinda stuck on ideas.  I'm leaning to think that the
problem is the VIA chip.  According to the DRI website, some older VIA
chipset's don't work with the currect DRI.  The board isn't that old, but
geeks opinion about what an old mother board is varies.  This one is a
ABit -KT7-RAID.  I wish there was a way to know if it was the motherboard
or the "keyboard interface", i.e. me :)

any ideas?


> hmm, it appears you either don't have DRI installed [" direct rendering:
> No "], or your drm module is not loading properly. 1
> 1 check you kernel for the /dev/agpart and drm support
> 2 donwload the latest DRI package and install it using the sh install.sh
> in the tarball.  3 go straight to your XF86config and edit it to include
> the lines in your XF86config to look as mine do [see XF86config
> attached]. eg  Section "DRI"
> mode 0666
> EndSection
> load glx, dri etc
> 4 make sure your device reads "radeon", and not ati, or something else.
> 5 check you don't have any libmesavoodo files in your drm folder [or on
> your machine at all]. 6 edit your /etc/modules to include the line
> 'radeon' [as per your other modules. 7 restartx and then run glxinfo,
> glxgears etc and note the change in output!
> de|ire
> pps i posted to the list in the event someone else finds this useful..

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