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Re: debian and hp-notebook?!

On Mon, 2002-08-05 at 13:07, Leif Hanack wrote:
> Hello,
> what are your experience with debian and an hp-notebook and there hareware?!
> little or much trouble getting debian to run?!
> thanks in advance, leif

Which one?  HP has made many different models.  As a general rule, HP is
moderately Linux friendly (they've hired Bruce Perens, who used to be
the Debian Project Leader, and thery've sponsored a project to write
printer drivers for HP printers, and I noticed a couple of years ago
that my web page on Linux on the Omnibook 5500 gathered a couple of hits
per month from a .hp.com).    My personal experience (years ago, with an
Omnibook 5500CT) was that installing Debian was easy - well, okay, as
easy as installing Debian on my desktop was at the time.

You're probably better off checking www.linux-laptop.net, which has more
information than you ever wanted to know about Linux on laptops, and
checking the precise model you're interested in.   

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