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DVD on Toshiba 2805-S302

I'm wondering about playing DVDs.  I managed to get DVDs playing on my
desktop -- I first got mplayer running, which took some work IIRC (as I was
stumbling through the installation and HOWTOs).  I then installed ogle-mxx
and that seemed much easier.  I remember it seemed odd because the css
decode took a while when running mplayer and not very long (like only a
second) when running ogle.

Anyway, I'm now trying to just get ogle-mxx running on my laptop running
sid and XFree86 4.2 without going through the mplayer setup I did before.

I installed ogle-mxx and then run the script that installed libdvdcss0

Now, ogle starts, and the audio is played, but the video looks like it's
not decoded -- mostly green with stripes running through it (and reports
30fps).  libdvdcss does report "got title key".  So I'm not clear if it a
css problem or not.  I don't see any other obvious errors in ogle's output.

Any ideas?

Bill Moseley

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