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RE: Monitoring disk access

On 02-Aug-2002 Vincent Bernat wrote:

> waking it up from sleep and eating unnecessary my battery. Is there
> some program which could log (on a tmpfs of course ! ;-) ) any disk
> access with timestamp, file (well if it doesn't work at filesystem
> level, that doesn't hurt) and PID of the application for every disk
> access ?

Another approach might be syscalltrack:

> $ apt-cache show syscalltrack       
> Package: syscalltrack
> [...]
> Description: Track system calls across the Linux system
>  syscalltrack allows the user to track invocations of system calls across
>  the whole system and not only a single process as strace does. The user
>  specifies rules on what to track and what to do when an event occurs.
>  .
>  This package provides the utilities needed to control the syscalltrack module.
>  You need to get a syscalltrack-module package or build one yourself from the
>  syscalltrack-source package.

I did not use this package yet, so I don't know for sure if it
helps. It is just an idea which might be worth trying. 


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