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Re: Dell i8200 and GeForce2 Go

> Has anyone else run into this? If so, can I fix it? Can I get 1024x768 in the 
> whole viewable area without 'slurred' colors? 

The display has a physical resolution of 1600x1400 ONLY.
Therefore it can display 1600x1400, 800x700 and so on "gracefully";
all other resolutions have either to be scaled up to 1600x1400 (in fact,
800x600 is also scaled up...) and that is probably what you call
"slurring" (whatever that means) or you add a black border until you get

I actually bought mine i8100 because of this resolution.
So if you want a display that displays 1024x768 "perfectly", you
actually bought the wrong machine.


P.S. I love my 1600 display...

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