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Re: Dell i8200 and GeForce2 Go

On Thu, 2002-08-01 at 02:49, Joseph W. Schlecht wrote:
> Ugh...
> I think I've done everything I'm supposed to do in setting up the GeForce2 Go 
> in my new Dell i8200, but I have one problem: the only mode that really works 
> is 1600x1400. That is way too big! In my XF86Config-4 file I do have 
> different modes like 1400x1050 and 1024x768, but when I use them, the colors 
> are all slurred (forgive me for the term, I'm not that familiar with graphics 
> parlance).  The 'slurring' effect is fixed if I use the Fn-Font keys -- but 
> this essentially makes my smaller resolution even smaller (there is a black 
> border around my viewable area).
> Has anyone else run into this? If so, can I fix it? Can I get 1024x768 in the 
> whole viewable area without 'slurred' colors? 
> *** Please CC on any response, as I am not subscribed.

Most laptops have a LCD that is fixed to one resolution. In your case,
this seems to be 1600x1400. When trying to display a screen with a
different resolution, the hardware does one of two things:

        A. Scales the screen to the default resolution. This results in
           the blurriness you describe, and can also distort the screen
           in other ways if the aspect ratio is not the same (the screen
           will appear too wide or too high).
        B. Displays the screen with a black border that fills up the
           remaining pixels that are required for the default
           resolution. Thus, the resolution will still be the default
           resolution and your screen will appear "shrunk" in the

There is no solution other than using the default resolution and
adjusting your applications to use fonts that are large enough for you
to read or set zoom levels (eg. in the GIMP) to a suitable level.
In the end, you'll probably find that the extra space you gain can be
quite nice to have. Don't strain your eyes though.

Fabian Fagerholm

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