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Re: Compaq Contura Aero floppy


Stefano Canepa <sc@linux.it> wrote:

> yesterday I succeded in installing Debian 2.2r6 on my Compaq Contura
> Aero 4/33C. It was a long process as I only have 8MB of RAM and the
> floppy. Now I have a problem: after installation the floppy is unusable.
> For them who don't know my hardware the floppy is external connected via
> a PCCMIA connection. Do someone know how to solve this problem. Using
> mulinux I was able to use the floppy.

I installed Debian 1.3 on an identical machine a while back, using the floppy to install the base system and then doing a network install with a pcmcia card.  I had no problems using the floppy other than having to reboot to switch between pcmcia-nic and floppy.

Updating to Debian 2.0 was a bit of an adventure because it killed my pcmcia drivers, but I was able to recover by installing the necessary packages via floppy disk (with tons of reboots, for every thing that was still missing until I got the net working again).

Anyway, I'd be surprised if they (whoever that may be) had broken the floppy drivers since then.


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