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Re: problems with woody installing on a dell inspiron

On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 06:25:19PM -0500, Jason Tipton wrote:
> I am installing woody on a dell inspiron 8100.  I am having a problem with 
> installing the eth card module 3c59x.  It always fails to load, yet with 
> the potato release it installs fine.  does anyone else have this problem? 
> and how did they get their card working?  I am unable to get any package 
> lists and the such because my card does not get initialized.  and if anyone 
> can post their kernel config for their dell inspirion it would appreciated.

Try the Eepro10/100, it seems that Dell uses both, with no consistancy
from day to day. Whatever was in the parts bin at the time I guess. I
have the 3com card, others have the intel. 

Jim Richardson
	Anarchist, pagan and proud of it
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