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Fwd: Re: mkboot does not work on swappable ide-floppy

On Thursday 27 June 2002 01:54 pm, alberto wrote:

Sorry, a typo. The device is
    /dev/hdc, not /dev/hda3, of course.


> I'm having problems to make a boot-floppy:
> My floppy drive is a LS120 drive that also reads normal floppies. It's
> plugged  into the VersaBay, the swappable device of my NEC SX laptop.
> That drive gets recognised as /dev/hda3
> mkboot assumes the floppy being in /dev/fd0
> Changing /dev/hda3 in place of /dev/fd0 in the mkboot script  or linking
> /dev/fd0 to /dev/hda3 does not fix the problem: at boot time BIOS would not
> find a valid MBR on the floppy.
> How do I have to handle this /dev/hda3 floppy? (ide-floppy?)
> Thanks so much,
> alberto.


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