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Sony Vaio GRX570: sound, video, and acpi

Hi all,

I recently purchased a Sony Vaio PCG-GRX570 laptop, and have since
gotten a decent install of Debian set up on it. However, there's a few
things bothering me, and a few questions I have. There seems to be
little information about the GRX series on the web so far, and so I'm
turning to the ML for help. :)

1. New Vaios lack APM, and only have ACPI. /proc/acpi/sleep says I
only have S0, S3, S4, and S5 available, and the ACPI howto says I only
get S0, S1, and S5 support with Linux so far. This means I don't have
a suspend/sleep function? (I currently have lid close and power button
mapped to shutdown, I'd like lid close mapped to suspend or sleep

1.1. acpi -B --thermal does nothing, and I have the ospm_thermal
module inserted. insmod ospm_thermal only prints the standard "Using
etc.." line; I take it this means I have no thermal sensors or ACPI
can't find them? Or is there something else I have to do? (Sony
doesn't use the normal ACPI mechanism for battery usage, apparently; I
got those with the sonypi driver.)

2. I'm using fbdev + radeonfb for X (It's some flavor of Radeon
Mobility card). The Radeon driver didn't seem to work when I tried it
(I didn't spend long, because I had the fb one working already). Is
this my fault, or does XFree's radeon driver not support all Mobility
cards yet?

3. Sound is behaving oddly. It's an AC97 + Intel 82801CA/CAM card,
which I assume I used the snd-intel8x0 ALSA module or audio_i180
kernel module for. I get something coming out of /dev/dsp and
/dev/audio, but it refuses to play anything that's not at 48kHz (I
think, the driver says that when I insert it). mpg123 foo.mp3 hangs,
and mpg123 -s foo.mp3 > /dev/{dsp,audio} plays it with lots of
skips. My ACPI and Ethernet (eepro) look to be on the same IRQ (9). I
thought the days of IRQ conflicts were gone, and I would love it if
someone could tell me I was right and it's some other problem

Thanks for any help with these problems\.
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