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Re: Toshiba 2805-S302 Woody

> My reasons for recommending XFS are only my admittedly amateur gut
> feelings and experiences.  I have used ReiserFS and Ext3 and XFS and
> have had massive fs corruption with reiser and ext3, massive enough to
> force me to reinstall.  I have had none of that with XFS.  Also since
> XFS is made by SGI, and they use it as their File System, so I would
> think that it is fairly good.

fwiw, I've never had a "massive" corruption with ext3 (the only journalled
system I've used) but I can currently not boot into my 2.4.18 kernel because
fsck.ext3 reports all the superblocks are corrupted.  However, the same
machine boots 2.4.17 with the same file system without problems.  I haven't
tracked it down yet.

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