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Re: Battery Life

On Friday 21 June 2002 07:47 pm, Andrew Biggadike wrote:
> I'm running Woody on a Dell Latitude C800 and yesterday I noticed
> that the battery life of my laptop ran out much quicker than it does
> when it is booted into Windows.  (Approx. 50 min compared to 2.5
> hrs.)
> Does anybody know of any reasons that may cause this, or potential
> solutions?  Thanks,
> Andrew
> (If you need more system info just let me know)

Have you got your kernel compiled to "make CPU Idle calls when Idle ?"

Are you running a journalling FS (ext3 etc) which will stop your HD from
ever spinning down ?

Those are the two biggest things (in my experience) which affect battery

- Derek

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