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On Thu, 20 Jun 2002 08:09:58 -0500
"Christopher J. Carlson" <cjc@carlson.fanbuzz.com> wrote:

> Hey.  Just wanted to see if you were still having problems
> with woody & AT&T Broadband.  
> Last week AT&T upgraded their DHCP servers leaving Linux
> users that use pump way behind.  Anyhow, if you use
> dhcpcd, things will work fine.  Get rid of pump and
> all the other dhcp client based packages and just install
> dhcpcd.
> HTH.
> -cjc

kailua:/home/tone# apt-get install dhcpcd
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
Package dhcpcd has no available version, but exists in the database.
This typically means that the package was mentioned in a dependency and
never uploaded, has been obsoleted or is not available with the contents
of sources.list
E: Package dhcpcd has no installation candidate

I downloaded the dhcpcd package from the potato tree and tried to install 
it but it conflicted with dhclient and other software here, and i didn't 
want to fiddle with that stuff too much; not yet anyway.

It's still not working tho i am hoping, perhaps in vain, for some sort of 
dialog with the Charter tech support people. (I have a charter pipeline 
account, i don't know how i may have insinuated AT&T, but sorry for any 
crossed wires.)

I also have a windows partition here that i could boot to and glom some 
config data; just thought about that.  Then maybe i could set it up with
ifconfig once i had the data.


No, that didn't work, copying the apropriate parameters from the windows
box to ifconfig.  Don't know why, but i bet i'm just not supposed to do 

I keep getting the feeling that i'll need the ISP-assigned hostname.

It's only been a couple days since i emailed the tech support people, so 
i'll cut them a break.  Charter uses the the tech support people for line 
techs when needed, and right now is is tornado/windstorm season here, so 
i'm probably stuck for a few days.

Thanks for the callback,

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