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Re: DHCP client with woody

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002 01:02:39 +0200
<delire@selectparks.net> wrote:

> alternatively..
> make sure etherconf is installed then
> "dkpg-reconfigure etherconf" as root.
> this is a helpful walkthrough for those not in the know about setting
> up their eth0, while providing an interface to the
> /etc/network/interfaces and*/etc/resolv.conf which looks after all the
> nameservers [commonly missed].

I've done this without success early in the troubleshooting,
unfortunately it did not work even after i made a few guess changes to
/etc/network/interfaces, like commenting out the hostname line.

Another weird thing is when i boot with or without the cable line
plugged in the init process stalls at "configuring network
interfaces..." for about 40 seconds, then everything boots fine.  As i
recall this was only after installing etherconf for the first time; or
was it after building the new kernel image with support for the realtek
NICs? Anyway, it's not much of a problem at all, what's 40 seconds?  But
mayhaps it's an indication of something that could give me more ideas.

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