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DHCP client with woody

I'm trying to get my (charter pipeline) cable internet line hooked up to
my linux machine, and the information i find in the DHCP howto is to
use the dhcpcd that is shipped with potato but is replaced by other
packages in woody namely dhcp-client and friends.  So that pretty much
invalidates the howto.  I've thought about pump but either it doesn't
work in my situation or i don't know enough about it to use it right. 

I've searched with google for similar scenarios but it seems that no one
has posted anything regarding setup in woody.  I've also checked the
customer support FAQs and help sections on charter.com and of course
they say charter won't have anything to do with a linux box, nor will
they "allow" a home network to connect thru the cable modem.  (I bet
they will!) 

Any help on using a DHCP serviced ethernet line?  Much thanks.


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