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Re: DHCP client with woody

penguin@peoplepc.com wrote:
> I've searched with google for similar scenarios but it seems that no
> one has posted anything regarding setup in woody.  I've also checked
> the customer support FAQs and help sections on charter.com and of
> course they say charter won't have anything to do with a linux box,
> nor will they "allow" a home network to connect thru the cable
> modem.  (I bet they will!)
Can't help with dhcp.  I _think_ I'm using dhcp-client these days :-)  I
used to use pump but, even though it worked, I was warned it was broken. Either way, they were plug & play.

However, I'd warn you to be _very_ careful with your network setup. ISPs that tell you you can't connect a home network can't possibly tell that you have one if you set it up correctly, but if they sniff an open port to a web, FTP, or SMTP server they'll cut you off in a moment.

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