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docking stations

Is there a way of detecting a docking station change? (removal, docked,

I'm currently using some shell scripts to restart the pcmcia services
(for the extra 2 pcmcia ports), restart hotplug (to see the extra usb
devices), swap out X config's, restart X, when I dock/undock the laptop.

I've been using those scripts for about a year and a half, and was
wondering if anything had changed.  It would be nice to have linux
auto-adjust my hardware settings when the docking status changes.  I've
read on a few sites that ACPI supports this, but they don't say much
beyond the fact that it's supported.

Has anyone set this kind of stuff up?

Running a Gateway solo 5300, which up to now has been VERY linux
friendly (every device on it is well supported and works flawlessly). 
Been running debian unstable for a while, with a few experimental
packages thrown in. (gnome2, etc)


I obtained a spare 3Com 575CT network card and have never been able to
get it to work reliably.  It locks up frequently, hanging cardmgr, or
when it does run, will lock up the computer later on after a couple of
megs of data have run through it.  In addition, this card isn't
identified in the docking station pcmcia slots.  The vendor ID is blank,
so cardmgr blasts back an error message.  It's identified correctly in
the laptop pcmcia ports.  Other cards work fine in these ports.

The card has been tested and seems to work fine on my windows2000 (dell)
laptop at work.  pcmcia has been working fine on my laptop with a lucent
orinoco silver card (wifi) and a 3Com 3CCFEM556 (3Com 574 lan/modem
card) for a while.

Are the drivers for the the 575CT just buggy or do I have a bum card
that windows doesn't seem to have a problem with?


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