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Re: can't see the network -- new debian install on tp 380ed

> I'm using a Linksys PCMCIA Ethernet Card to try connecting to my LAN. 
> But I can't ping my router, or any other numeric ip address on the 
> network. When I try to ping anything, I get the message
> "ping: sendto: Network is unreachable"
This is what you get when your network interface is down. What do you
get when yout type "ifconfig"? You need to configure your ethernet
device ethx (probably eth0).

> When I use cardctl to check the status, the config or the ident on my 
> card, it looks good. I did test my card on another laptop here running 
> Red Hat and I was able to ping a few addresses with no problems. So the 
> card seems good physically. And it seems that debian is properly 
> identifying the card, and accessing the correct drivers for it.
> Also, cardmgr and pcmcia services both seem to be starting up fine when 
> I boot the machine.
Activate your ethernet device:
"ifconfig eth0 <your_ip-address> netmask <your_netmask> broadcast
<your_broadcast> up"
In case your ip address is a dhcp address simply type:
"<whatever_dhcp-client> eth0"
When you did that (and your pcmcia-card is really working) you should
see some output for eth0 when typing "ifconfig".

Now we need to add an entry in the routing table for your default
"route add default gw <ip_of_your_router>"
Now try to ping your gateway (you can try this before modifying the
routing table) and some other machine in the internet.

To permanently activate your NIC modify "/etc/network/interfaces" and

Hope that helps,

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