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can't see the network -- new debian install on tp 380ed

Hi Folks -- I installed Debian (2.2.19) on my Thinkpad 380ED using 10-15 floppies that I downloaded, disk by disk, from debian.org. (my cd-rom drive is faulty).

I'm using a Linksys PCMCIA Ethernet Card to try connecting to my LAN. But I can't ping my router, or any other numeric ip address on the network. When I try to ping anything, I get the message
"ping: sendto: Network is unreachable"

When I use cardctl to check the status, the config or the ident on my card, it looks good. I did test my card on another laptop here running Red Hat and I was able to ping a few addresses with no problems. So the card seems good physically. And it seems that debian is properly identifying the card, and accessing the correct drivers for it.

Also, cardmgr and pcmcia services both seem to be starting up fine when I boot the machine.

Since I'm new to debian, and linux in general, I think I'm missing something about setting up tcp/ip or dhcp stuff. Does anyone have some pointers for me?

many thanks!
Gale Stafford

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