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Re: can't start X; mousepad problem?!

what version of X are you running? And mousepad should use normal ps/2 protocol 111 just fail to connect server... it could be anything... there should be an error log
in /var/log/XFree86... check that and it should give you some info.

Leif Hanack wrote:


i'm new to debian. i tried to install from the binaries 2.2.R6 potato for

when i come to the point where i X gets configured, he fails. sometimes i
receive a low x-resolution xf config screen. in this screen i can change
mousesettings and so on. i tried every protocol, but can not get my mousepad
to work.

another message i often see is a error 111 telling me that the x server can
not be connected!

any help would be great! thanks in advance, leif

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