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Re: Toshiba 2805-S302 Woody

At 02:02 PM 06/15/02 -0700, kagemusha@gmx.co.uk wrote:
>I would suggest going with some woody netinst cd's.

You mean download and ISO and burn a CD?

>I don't have any
>urls handy, but I'm sure that a quick look at google will show you what
>you want.  I've used both a disk with a 2.4bf kernel flavor which worked
>quite well and supported everything, and the disk I used to install this
>laptop was a 2.4.18-xfs plus a bunch of other things.  I would highly
>recommend and xfs install, particularly on a laptop.

Over ext3?  Ok, I'm game.  You mean:


Hum, I wish that all made more sense to me.  I haven't built a CD from ISO
before, but I'm not clear from that page if I need to.  The network install
sure is easy, not that it actually got me where I wanted today...

I just posted about my experience on debian-user.  But in summary, I was
reminded of my last install problems.  The idepci (2.2.20, I think) disk is
nice since it has the eepro LAN drivers -- makes moving onto the network
install a snap without the need for all the driver disks.

But, same as last time, the network download of the base system hangs
trying to access the US debian archive.  I had to ^C and manually pick
another archive, then it proceeded normally.

The other problem was I used the woody idepci disk, but it only put stable
in my sources.list file.  That made tasksel selections fail until I updated
to woody with sources.list (apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade.)

I then tried to install X11, but it did not install 4.1.  Although dpkg
showed both 3.<something> and 4.1.  I then apt-get install xserver-xfree86
which seemed to install the 4.1 server, but it didn't install the
XF86Config-4 file.

When it was first installing xserver it asked if I wanted to maintain the
config file, and I said yes (as I typically hand edit that file).  But my
guess is not it's not creating that file because of that.  I just would
like to start over on X11 setup.

I think these things go more smoothly for others than it does for me....

Bill Moseley

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