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Re: iBook WLAN

Obino said:

> I got an iBook working about 3 weeks ago. The airport card work
> flawlessy (there is support in the kernel) and I used a linksys as
> access point and some other AP at work (not sure, I believe they are
> Lucent).

I assume you're using Woody?  (Always remember to mention that -- many
people on the general mailing lists are trying Debian out for the first
time and using "stable" and not newer stuff.)  Or did you get it working
on Potato?  I was under the impression the kernels in Potato did not have
support for the Airport cards natively and you had to either patch and
rebuild with BenH patches, or at least rebuild if the newer kernels added
(I haven't played with my Debian PPC machine in quite some time now.)

Nate Duehr, nate@natetech.com

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