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Re: Sound recording on Thinkpad X20

On (14/05/02 18:33), Petr Hlustik wrote:
> I have sound working fine on Toshiba Satellite 2545 / Yamaha OPL3-SAx /
> woody / 2.4.17-k6 with the kernel drivers, except for sound recording. 

I have the same problem, although a different laptop. I am also using Woody
with 2.4.17 and the CS4281 kernel driver. Sound works fine apart from the
built-in microphone. (The mic works fine in Windows). I have aumix installed
but it will not allow me to turn on the mic for recording. If I use aumix to
turn up the volume for the mic then I get feedback due to the mic and
speaker being close. I've read the sound howto's and googled for answers but
I haven't found anyone who seems to be using their mic on this laptop.

> Poking on Google got me some link that maybe ALSA allows to record while
> kernel drivers will not?

Is this true? I've not tried Alsa yet. I remember reading somewhere that
most laptop sound chips are not full-duplex so recording and playback is not
possible at the same time. Has this anything to do with my problem?



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