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Sound recording on Toshiba/OPL3-SAx


I have sound working fine on Toshiba Satellite 2545 / Yamaha OPL3-SAx /
woody / 2.4.17-k6 with the kernel drivers, except for sound recording. Has
anybody got that to work? Poking on Google got me some link that maybe ALSA
allows to record while kernel drivers will not?

I apt-get installed ALSA and modules (had to downgrade to 2.4.16-k6 to get
them) and alsaconfig'd the ports, etc, same as I had them before but the
opl3sa2 module will not load on /etc/init.d/alsa start. insmod reports
init_module: No such device (Some other snd-* modules load if I try to use
the sound anyway).

Thanks for your help. For the time being, I reverted back to kernel
modules, since I at least have most of the sound working...


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