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Proposal for an infrastructure for systems with multiple configurations


after some time spent in thinking, design and developing, I've wrapped
up a pre-release for a tool that aims to provide a clean infrastructure
to manage systems with multiple configurations, like laptops.

The software is called stated and is found in:


stated is a daemon that keeps track of the system state, reacting to

It manages a set of user-defined variables representing the system
state; when some variable changes, user-defined code is executed to
reconfigure the system for the new situation.

Stated can be used to gather all kind of informations like battery
charge, LAN network identification, PPP connection status, USB or PCMCIA
devices present in the system, etc. in a single place and to run
reconfiguration scripts with a more complete knowledge of the

stated also provides an interpreter for simple special-purpose language
costructs that ease writing complex action scripts.

The difference with other programs used to reconfigure a system on the
fly is in the approach: stated does not know anything about the system
and just holds a model of it in the form of user-defined variables.

This makes it generic, providing a level of abstraction upon which it
should be possible to easily build handlers for complicated
reconfiguration scenarioes.

The package, among all other documentation, contains a RATIONALE file
with more detailed discussion on the design choices that have been made
to come up with it.

I make the announce here to gather feedback about the package; if people
other than me will find it at least potentially useful, I'll be happy to
go on with the TODO, fill in some little gaps it still have and add it
to the Debian system.  Please let me know what you think about it.

Yours truly, Enrico

GPG key: 1024D/797EBFAB 2000-12-05 Enrico Zini <enrico@debian.org>

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