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Re: Creating a Network Boot Disk

ciao Justin News,

> network boot disk so I can mount the CD ROM of my windows box onto my 
> laptop. That way i can i can install linux as if i had a CD ROM on my 
> laptop. It seems that to do a network installation of debian using floppy 
> disks is more trouble than it's worth.

I have done it to install a cluster of PC without cdrom, via network.
You need a floppy with "kernel level autoconfiguration" active.
When kernel wake up, it ask on the net it's ip/netmask to a DHCP server.
Then it mount / via NFS
After that, you can run any script to install debian on your HD
(I have done a script that fdisk/mkfs/tar x debian.tgz automaticaly)

good luck!

Paolo Pedaletti, Como, ITALYa     www.fastflow.it/~paolop

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