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Re: acpi package

* "Derek Broughton" 

| No, but if you don't set a Reply-to address on your list mail, you can
| reasonably expect people to do "reply to all" and end up sending responses
| to both you and the list.  Even people like me, who try always to respond
| only to the list, sometimes make mistakes.

Uhm, no.  Reply-to is for something else.  The header you are looking
for is mail-followup-to.  Search for «reply-to munging considered
harmful» for more information about this.

Even if there is no MFT header, on Debian lists, it is considered
proper practice to not send copies to the original poster unless she
asks for it.  (This is documented in the developer's reference, but I
guess most users don't read that :)

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