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Dell Inspiron 8200

Just received my Dell Inspiron 8200. The install of Debian (sid) is 
going fine, however I'm stuck on the sound.

Dell's manual reads:
	Audio type: AC97 (Soft Audio)
	Audio controller: Cirrus Logic/Crystal CS4205

# lspci reports the same just less specific.

Kernel 2.4.19pre7 is compiled with the i810_audio as a module.
The AC97...? is also a module. 

Modules load fine, but fails to play sound. Tried using sndconfig but it
also failed to get sound working. 

Any ideas where I'm going wrong. I believe this is the correct driver
for this. 

Also any advise/suggestions/warnings with regards to the Dell Inspiron 8200
would be great. 

Kevin C. Smith           | "A Society that will trade a little liberty for a
smithkevinc@mchsi.com    | little order will lose both, and deserve neither."
Debian GNU/Linux (sid)   |                                -- Thomas Jefferson

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