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Re: Thinkpad 390

At 09:51 2002-04-23, you wrote:
On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Ivar Alm wrote:

>I have a simple problem with my (rather old by now) IBM Thinkpad 390. Well,
>problem or problem, I cannot get my resolution to exceed 800x600.
>It is very annoying, since the graphics card should support 1024x768, at
>least since it has 2MB of memory.

There are many models of 390. Please check out whether the model number is
- 2626-20U (P-233, 12.1" TFT, 800x600)
- 2626-50U (PII-233, 12.1" TFT, 800x600)
- 2626-70U (PII-266, 14.1" TFT, 1024x768)
It should read on the bottom.

The model is a 2626-2SW.
Cannot even find information about this one at the IBM site...

>Not internal, it uses the RAM.

I don't understand this sentence: do you mean you're using external
The card has no memory of it's own if I'm not mistaking, it uses the computers ram.

I've been thinking that I don't run the correct version of XFree86. I have v4.1.0.1 installed. Checked that with XFree86 -version, but I see that the X link in /etc/X11 refers to XF86_SVGA, but that is an older 3.3.6 version. How do I make sure that I use the latest version?

Sorry about perhaps some stupid questions, but although I have some computer experience, I am a complete newbie in the Linux world.

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