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Re: debian

> ive installed debian on my toshiba laptop but ive got kernel panic where 
> can i found a patch file for that??

1. which flavor of debian?

2. which kernel revision, if you can tell, otherwise enough distro notes so
   we can guess?

3. what's the exact text on your screen before the panic?

4. which model toshiba laptop, they have stacks and stacks of them and there
   are many toshiba fans on this list.

5. Have you taken a look at http://www.linux-laptop.net and looked to see if
   anyone else has the same model?  They may have used another distro but
   kernels are nearly the same in all distros and so a similar append= line
   needed may be just as applicable for us as for other distros.

6. In order to offer you a patch file (do you *know* how many oddball patches
   there are out there?!) we'd have to actually know what's wrong first.  Far
   more likely you just need to select the correct kernel package, among a
   great many that we have.

7. In short "it's broken what's wrong" isn't a very good bug report.
   It causes us to ask "what were you doing that can scare an operating 
   system" ?  :)

I hope this helped, but, we can't help you further without some of these
answers back.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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