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  Reply-To gives the respondant an option which would not otherwise
  exist: namely the ability to reply only to the list. Despite the
  fact that many (though not all) email clients have the ability to
  "reply to sender" or "reply to all recipients", many list
  subscribers want to reply only to the list, which is not the result
  of selecting either of these options. So, to ensure that the reply
  goes to the list, they select "reply to all recipients", which
  generally results in the sending of at least two email messages, one
  to the list, and one to the original sender.

  This is frequently quite annoying to the original sender, who now
  receives two copies of the reply. Furthermore, in many cases the
  original sender has added additional recipients. Not only does
  "reply to all recipients" send the reply to each of these additional
  recipients (who are frequently also members of the list), it also
  propagates this list of recipients onto the reply to the list.

  The effects of this snowball, as each additional person replies to
  the messages using "reply to all recipients", they become the
  sender, and thus get added to the list of recipients with the next
  reply. Thus the list of recipients grows and grows. Frequently, as
  the subject matter changes, members of the list find themselves
  receiving multiple copies of messages which have strayed from the
  topic in which they were originally interested, even after they have
  unsubscribed from the list.

so *please* *stop* CCing me on a thread that i don't participate in
(anymore). it's really getting on my balls! sorry to be snappy, but
i take debian-* seriously and would like other people to engage their
brains when participating in the forum, and not just blindly to hit
reply-all! it's a respect thing, you know...

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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