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Re: Clevo 2700

Thanks for all that Mark,

At 23:41 16/04/02 +0200, Mark Janssen wrote:
On Tue, 2002-04-16 at 22:45, gob wrote:

I'm running a 2.4 since it's so much faster (and up to date...)

I see many references to this kernel here & in the user-group => looks like I need it. Trouble is, I don't have a dialup. Will talk with my brother (supplier of my CDs) and see if he can help.

Probably just upgrade pcmcia-cs to the newest version. Try that, and
look up if your card is supported on the pcmcia-cs.sf.net site.

I have a Lucent-Venus DataFax modem, listed on MobiliX.org to work in Linux. I will battle away with it some more. It dials and holds the connection but won't pass data-I'm wondering if the cable is poor quality as its old and the dialup sounds terrible.

>  >audio
A 2.4 kernel has the 'trident' driver... it works (but not after

Ah.  That same chestnut!

I have the same problem, bios is really flakey with fan control. What

My BIOS is and always has been set to 'always on' -makes for a very noisy PC but I have no option. I'm hoping one day I'll come across a Linux gem to control my CPU speed.

Thanks again, much appreciated. Now to delve into the guts of my unsuspecting Debian system! 8-)


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