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Re: debian for a train hopper

also sprach David D.W. Downey <david-downey@codecastle.com> [2002.04.14.2344 +0200]:
> Actually I don't know what you guys are talking about. I am fiercely
> loyal to Dell as a customer simply beause I got EXCELLENT technical
> support from them with CPx laptops, PowerEdge and PowerApp servers,
> and every single (yes, EVERY single) one of those machines (over
> 1500 total) have all run linux including the laptops. It didn't
> violate the warrenty, and they actively pursued finding a technician
> to solve my problems. That is why I ONLY buy Dell for commercial
> accounts and Dells for home when I can afford it.

here's what i replied:

i use a lot of dell machines myself, and they all run linux and yes,  
it works. but it's not pretty at all times, starting with winmodems
and linux-incompatible irda stuff, and ending with *zero*
documentation and absolutely *no* support for linux on their pages
whatsoever. that's enough for me when i compare to IBM or toshiba.

i didn't get my point across well enough. Linux works, but dell
doesn't want it to, and they get better at preventing it. they won't
win. but they are effectively making linux not a good alternative for
their consumer systems. i am talking consumer systems. poweredge and
powerapps have to support linux. after all, linux is #1 with servers  
these days... dell knows that. but dell gets paid enough by microsoft
to aid them to keep linux off the home and employee screens.

> Someone needs to stop spreading FUD that they have bad support or
> that they don't support Linux, cause that's total bullshit.

i guess it depends on how much money you give them. if you are *just*
a regular user like me with a measely 26 dell systems then you have
lost. mention linux once in a support call and you are almost
guaranteed to be told that dell believes that the linux installation
causes the problems (including hardware problems pertaining to
batteries, for instance) and they'll either end the warranty support
right there, or they'll tell you to reinstall from their support disks
and come back then. trust me, it has happened not once and not only in
germany. over the past three years i have experienced several such
incidents in the US, the UK, switzerland, austria, germany, and

i am glad that you have positive experiences, but you should also
accept that i have negative ones. granted, i was badmouthing a little,
but when you read high-level literature or magazines, you'll find out
that dell is far from a good player in the field of value-for-money.
i feel it's important to let people know that too, and sometimes, such
a negative statement needs more volume than a positive because dell is
#1 and because dell has a moderate reputation and because they are
resting on that at the expense of quallity.

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